PR plan handbook


Have you been tasked with writing a PR plan but you’re not sure how to develop your tactics – beyond sending out press releases?

Do you need to learn how to write a PR plan but are confused about how to make it connect with your marketing?

Don’t worry - you aren’t alone. 

Once you understand the process, you will be miles ahead of your competition.

In this 50+ page handbook we'll take you through our proven step-by-step process so you can create a successful public relations plan that works with your marketing, and gets your brand the media coverage it deserves.

Includes a free download of our PR Plan template in PDF, Excel and Powerpoint.

Here’s What You Get:

PR plan handbook

pr plan handbook

Step-by-step guide for a powerful PR plan that works

Public Relations and Marketing, when executed properly, work hand in hand to build a trusted and much-loved reputation for your brand. But to get the most out of this relationship you need to be strategic.  This 50+ page handbook will show you how.

9 steps to writing your PR plan

9 steps to success

An easy to follow process, proven to bring results

Remove the guess work from your planning and follow our simple step-by-step guide. The handbook walks you through how to write your PR plan, what information to include and why, and crucially how to measure its success so that your brand's media profile continues to grow.

brand and pr plan

align pr with your marketing

Understand how PR and your brand work together 

PR and Marketing should work hand in hand to build a trusted and much-loved reputation for your brand. Target your audience, refine your key messages and understand the channels that will deliver best results.

how to write a pr plan

How to write your PR plan

Guidance on content for each column of your PR plan 

Know what to include in your PR Plan - and what to leave out! Our handbook will take you through, in detail, the ten sections you need for EVERY PR Plan, so you can stop guessing and start to work like a PR Pro. 

PR plan that work with your marketing

co-ordinate your media pitches

Secure the right media at the right time with your story

The most effective PR Plans depend on precise timing - hitting all of your media targets in the right order so your brand is constantly in the news and high profile online. Learn how to schedule your media pitches so you end up getting maximum exposure for your business. 

measure your PR Plan

measure your media impact

Collect data to show PR delivers real results

Public relations is not about vanity - ultimately it's about sales. You'll learn the metrics you need to monitor to show that your media coverage is driving increased web traffic, new leads and an uplift in sales. 

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Temi Kamson

GT Scholars

We were featured in the Guardian!

We just got our first mention in the national media! I'm so pleased. We couldn't have done it without what we've learnt through Class:PR, thank you so much!

Eleanor Bell

Eleanor Bell Lighting

Use this handbook if you want to stop guessing at PR

This handbook completely changed the way I do PR for my business. I know exactly what I need to do to get media coverage and they've given me the confidence to do any type of media pitch.

THE pr plan handbook

$ 23.00

  • Stop guessing and build a professional PR Plan.     
  • Know your PR priorities at any moment in time.
  •  Ensure PR delivers on core business objectives. 
  • Have the proof  that PR works with proven metrics.
  • Stay ahead of the competition.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If for any reason in the next 30 days you decide that you aren't completely satisfied with our PR Plan Handbook. Simply drop us an email, let us know what's not right and we will refund your money back in full.

Your Class:PR Instructors

Alistair Clay is an award-winning former national journalist with 20 years’ experience working in the media and PR. Gemma Clay is an award-winning PR strategist and trainer who works with some of the UK's biggest brands and marketing teams.

Together they founded Arc Seven Communications, one of the UK's leading healthcare PR agencies.

Now they've taken their years of experience managing the reputations of major corporations to launch Class:PR and help marketing professionals get up to speed with public relations, fast.