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We can write your press release for you

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Do you want media coverage for your business?

Quality Press Release

Then you need a quality press release with a strong news angle.

Experienced Jouranalists

Our team of experienced former journalists can create this for you.

Tailor made for your target media

Simply hit the button below and we’ll write a truly newsworthy press release that’s tailor made for your target media.

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Why buy a press release writing service?

  • It can be hard to know the EXACT news angle that you need to lead your press release.
  • It’s the difference between getting major media coverage for your business or remaining invisible.
  • Simply provide our team of writers with the information we need, then we will create a media-ready press release for your business.

Why you need a press release written by a journalist

  • Our team of former journalists know EXACTLY what needs to be in your press release to get media coverage.
  • There is a formula for the perfect press release - but each press release is still unique.
  • Only a former journalist can make the formula work for your business - fast.

You only have one chance to get this right

  • Sure, you can find dirt cheap press release writing services online.
  • But the press release you get is VERY unlikely to get you the media coverage you’re after.
  • Why? It won’t have a REAL news hook. If your press release looks factory-made the journalist will simply hit delete.

Here’s how it works

Fill in the form

Click on the button below and fill
out our press release writing form.

Questions asked

The questions we ask are specifically designed to give us everything we need to create a truly unique and newsworthy press release for your business.

Upload files

You can even upload files and
background information if you want.

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Here’s what you get

  • A press release with a clear and unique news angle in just 48 hours
  • A press release written specifically for your target media based on our research of that publication(s)
  • A press release which is tailored for mainstream media, bloggers, or podcasters
  • All for JUST $197

Media Pitch Bonuses!

  • Expert Advice
    We’ll give you expert advice on what image to send with the press release to maximise the chances of media coverage
  • Tips
    We’ll include tips on how to draft your pitch email to the journalist
  • Media list template
    Get our media list template to capture the details of your target journalists
* You get one review included in the price.

Money back guarantee

  • Free refund
    If you’re not 100% happy with the press release we create for you, and we can’t work it out, we’ll give you a full refund.
  • Confident
    More than 60,000 people have used Class:PR for its leading edge PR services and training - you can be confident your press release is in the best hands.
  • No risk investment
    This is a no risk investment in the PR for your business.
Money back guarantee

Don’t just take our word for it:

Janice Marketing Manager Even though my business is on the other side of the world they knew exactly what was newsworthy about us - this meant bloggers started to write about the business. I wasted money on cheap freelancers who created poor press releases before I found this service. Do yourself a favour and get Class:PR to do it for you.
Mark Events Coordinator Whenever we have an important announcement to make we use the Class:PR press release writing service. It’s a no brainer because I know we will get media coverage based on what they write for us.
Vijay Sales Exec I have to admit I was surprised how strong the story was simply from the information I supplied in the form. This saved me two days of work and most importantly we got in the Times of India!
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