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The PR Plan Handbook

A 9-step guide to create a proven PR plan that works with your marketing

Have you been tasked with writing a PR plan but don't know where to start?

In our 50-page handbook, we’ll take you through our proven step-by-step process so you can create a successful public relations plan that works with your marketing, and gets your brand the media coverage it deserves.

Stop guessing and build a professional PR Plan

  • Know your PR priorities at any moment in time so your team always knows what to do

    Not having a PR Plan is like going on a journey without a map – you’re going to get lost. Our PR Plan Handbook will help you draw up your ‘map’ so you know the messages, the audiences and the tactics you will focus on 365 days a year.

  • Ensure your PR delivers on core business objectives and drives sales

    Learn how to pull together powerful metrics that can instantly show the positive impact of your PR campaign on the business. Never be caught out again by someone asking ‘so what did the PR actually achieve?’

Here's what you get:

PR Plan Handbook

Step-by-step guide for a powerful PR plan that works

Public Relations and Marketing, when executed properly, work hand in hand to build a trusted and much-loved reputation for your brand. But to get the most out of this relationship you need to be strategic.  This 50+ page handbook will show you how.

PR Plan Handbook for sale

9 Steps to Success

An easy to follow process, proven to bring results

Remove the guesswork from your planning and follow our simple step-by-step guide. The handbook walks you through how to write your PR plan, what information to include and why, and crucially how to measure its success so that your brand’s media profile continues to grow.

Align PR With Your Marketing

Understand how PR and your brand work together

PR and Marketing should work hand in hand to build a trusted and much-loved reputation for your brand. Target your audience, refine your key messages and understand the channels that will deliver best results.

learn how to plan your pr

How to Write Your PR Plan

Guidance on content for each column of your PR plan

Know what to include in your PR Plan – and what to leave out! Our handbook will take you through, in detail, the ten sections you need for EVERY PR Plan, so you can stop guessing and start to work like a PR Pro.

how to plan your pr

Co-ordinate Your Media Pitches

Secure the right media at the right time with your story

The most effective PR Plans depend on precise timing – hitting all of your media targets in the right order so your brand is constantly in the news and high profile online. Learn how to schedule your media pitches so you end up getting maximum exposure for your business.

how to choose your media

Measure Your Media Impact

Collect data to show PR delivers real results

Public relations is not about vanity – ultimately it’s about sales. You’ll learn the metrics you need to monitor to show that your media coverage is driving increased web traffic, new leads and an uplift in sales.

measure your media coverage

Here’s what people are saying about Class:PR

We were featured in the Guardian! We just got our first mention in the national media! I'm so pleased. We couldn't have done it without what we've learnt through Class:PR, thank you so much!

Temi Kamson

GT Scholars

The course completely changed the way I looked at my business and gave me the confidence to put myself forward as the face of it. Alistair and Gemma taught me that I could be ‘that’ expert that the media goes to when they’re doing a story on lighting. The course helped me see that as a small business I had a big voice and one that the media would love


Eleanor Bell Lighting

Class:PR remove ALL of the guesswork. They make it easy and you get results fast. They helped us make the most of Dragons' Den!


Watmuff & Beckett

I never realised just how CRUCIAL this 3-step process is. Following this system got my charity coverage on BBC News on my first try!


Wired Up

The one on one advice you get is priceless and knowing it comes from a former journalist gives you huge confidence. If you want media coverage do this course


Little Sport Star

The PR Plan Handbook

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Meet your instructors

Introducing the team behind Class:PR

Alistair Clay

Founder of Class:PR

Alistair Clay is an award-winning former national journalist with 20 years’ experience working in the media and PR. As a former national journalist, Alistair knows the precise steps that you need to follow to get the media coverage you want.

Dr Gemma Clay

Founder of Class:PR

Dr Gemma Clay is an award-winning PR strategist and anthropologist who advises some of the UK's biggest healthcare brands and marketing teams. Gemma has worked with countless businesses over the years who've said 'we don't have a story'. But they all did - this process showed them how.