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The Famous PR Course

Learn Everything YOU Need to Get MASSIVE Media Coverage for Your Business

Here’s what you’ll get in our best-selling PR and media coverage course

20+ years PR knowledge

You will learn directly from journalists and PR pros who have worked on the frontline of the media for two decades.

8 modules

You'll master all of the key PR skills - from understating audiences, messages and channels to creating killer PR tactics.

6 hours

In a quarter of a day you will become a GREAT storyteller. We'll teach you how to use data and creativity to build stories the media will love.

Why Famous is THE best PR course for you...

  • Use StoryFinder

    Our proven step-by-step process to uncover the hidden stories in your business. Nail your company story and leap ahead of your competition overnight.

  • Master all the concepts

    Journalists aren’t looking to tell your story … they are trying to get their stories written and submitted on deadline. They want news, data, analysis – anything that is of interest to their audience. You’ll discover how to make headlines – even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on PR.

  • Real-life teaching experience

    This immersive course was filmed in a classroom with businesses just like yours, asking questions, solving problems, and taking action. Proven templates emailing and cold calling … so you can get 10x your response rate and land more coverage.

  • Get media and journalist specific info

    You’ll have access to the most effective pitch templates organised so you can focus your limited resources on what matters most.

  • Prepare quickly and level up

    Your time is limited, so we show you exactly what you need to know depending on how much time you have. Master the key PR concepts and stack your learning for maximum media outreach in the shortest amount of time.

  • See how PR pros make the media pay attention

    You’ll discover how professional PR Agencies get on the phone with hard to reach journalists. Watch recorded mock pitch calls and learn exactly what works and what doesn’t in a pitch. Plus, learn why the first 5 seconds is the most precious part of your pitch…

Get YOUR business featured in major media titles

Our students have appeared in the likes of...

The Shortcut To Media Coverage For ANY Business

  • Public relations is constantly changing. What worked even last year is no longer effective.
  • Journalists are inundated with pitches and stories … and the way media is created and consumed is constantly changing.
  • Our PR Agency experts will give you everything you need to land the coverage your business deserves, TODAY.

The course completely changed the way I looked at my business and gave me the confidence to put myself forward as the face of it. Alistair and Gemma taught me that I could be ‘that’ expert that the media goes to when they’re doing a story on lighting. The course helped me see that as a small business I had a big voice and one that the media would love


Eleanor Bell Lighting

We were featured in the Guardian! We just got our first mention in the national media! I'm so pleased. We couldn't have done it without what we've learnt through Class:PR, thank you so much!

Temi Kamson

GT Scholars

The one on one advice you get is priceless and knowing it comes from a former journalist gives you huge confidence. If you want media coverage do this course


Little Sport Star

Class:PR remove ALL of the guesswork. They make it easy and you get results fast. They helped us make the most of Dragons' Den!


Watmuff & Beckett

Our press releases do what they're meant to now. We were featured in the Guardian Christmas list and saw a huge spike in sales.



I never realised just how CRUCIAL this 3-step process is. Following this system got my charity coverage on BBC News on my first try!


Wired Up

What‘s inside The Famous PR Course:

Module 1: The PR Holy Trinity

Audience, Channels and Key Messages

  • Learn exactly what it takes to find your audience
  • Understand what is vital for your customers to know (so that they buy your product or service)
  • Find the 5 core messages within your business (and how to draw them out)
  • Printable 1-Page PDF and downloadable worksheets
  • Dive deep with classmate feedback and get your questions answered
learn public relations

Module 2: Meet Our Case Study Companies

A podcast analytics company and a new baby food brand

  • 2 video case studies to excel your learning
  • Learn (and understand) the elements of the FAMOUS process within two independent markets
  • Dig into business profiling (and what it will do for your business)
  • 2 Downloadable case studies (to gain an invaluable understanding of the business profiling system)

Module 3: StoryFinder

Uncovering the Stories in Your Business

  • Discover the art of finding the story hidden within your company
  • Story interest framework (stop wondering if your story is interesting and newsworthy)
  • Learn how to map out all the stories in your entire business on a one-page plan inspired by the Business Model Canvas
  • 3 Story Finding worksheets to implement the StoryFinder system into your business immediately
  • 1-page story map (identify and place all the stories in your business)
learn public relations

Module 4: StoryViewer

Knowing What Makes a Story Newsworthy

  • Master the process of uncovering newsworthy stories
  • 9 questions you must ask yourself to get media coverage
  • Start thinking like a journalist (know what they want before they do)
  • The 9 News Lenses (and how they put you ahead of your competitors)
  • 1-page PDF of StoryViewer (don’t get lost again with our step-by-step formula)
  • News or not news? Get hands-on by playing along with the classroom

Module 5: StoryGrader

Rating the News Value of your Stories

  • Always choose the right story to pitch (with our foolproof story grading system)
  • 2 case study examples to grade against and deepen your understanding and confidence
  • 10 classmates grade their stories live (and get instant feedback)
  • 3-page worksheet walking you through the StoryGrader process
learn public relations

Module 6: StoryPlanner

Timing and Targeting your Story

  • Learn to map your audience, channels, messages, story, target media, target journalist, contact details – all on a detailed timeline
  • 1+ hours of live classroom video
  • Learn how to create a complete PR strategy for the next 12 months so you are always in control of your media coverage
  • Completed StoryPlanner templates from our case study businesses so you can see what excellent looks like
  • Blank Story Planner templates for you to create your winning PR strategy today and a snapshot of your entire PR plan from your story to target journalist
  • Prove the value and communicate the vision of your PR strategy to your teammates and stakeholders

Module 7: The Story

Writing your Killer Press Release

  • Learn how to write like a journalist and create a newsworthy story
  • The ultimate press release template so you can stop guessing and give a journalist exactly what they want
  • How to send the right story at the right time (every time)
  • Great media relations is not luck (it’s planning and targeting)
  • 1-page worksheet enable you to acquire laser-like focus
  • Take action immediately (and strategise long-term)
learn public relations

Module 8: StoryPitcher

The Anti-Spam Pitch Method

  • The art of attraction (and how to make journalists pay attention)
  • Learn the most important part of your press release (it’s not what you think)
  • 1-to-1 pitch processes with professional journalists
  • 6 done-for-you email templates (to use in your business)
  • 2 pitch email case studies (learn what works and what doesn’t)
  • Put yourself in the editor’s seat (would you publish your classmates stories?)

Bonus 1: Story Booster

Making the Most of Your Media Coverage

  • A 27-minute audio teaching
  • Learn how to maximise the SEO impact of your media coverage
  • Understand how to use  your media coverage to impress investors
  • Best hacks for getting social media shares of your press coverage

Bonus 2: Your 30-Day PR Challenge

Dominate your PR in one month

  • A new PR tactic for each day of the month
  • Push yourself to hit higher targets and get bigger coverage
  • Structure and a new goal every 24 hours
  • The hacks used by PR pros to get media coverage every day


Meet your instructors

Introducing the team behind Class:PR

Alistair Clay

Founder of Class:PR

Alistair Clay is an award-winning former national journalist with 20 years’ experience working in the media and PR. As a former national journalist, Alistair knows the precise steps that you need to follow to get the media coverage you want.

Dr Gemma Clay

Founder of Class:PR

Dr Gemma Clay is an award-winning PR strategist and anthropologist who advises some of the UK's biggest healthcare brands and marketing teams. Gemma has worked with countless businesses over the years who've said 'we don't have a story'. But they all did - this process showed them how.

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