TFB 017: How a fintech company got 22,000 customers

With Romi Savova, the founder of PensionBee.

Romi, formerly of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, is completely revolutionising how we interact with our pensions and is on a mission to make them cool.

Many of us change jobs multiple times and with it our company pensions – and if you’re like me it’s easy to loose track of all these different funds.

PensionBee helps millennials, and the rest of us, take control of our pensions by bringing them all into one place online, and then investing that money with some of the world’s most trusted funds.

Romi tells me how they have gone about putting a fintech business on the map, building trust in a fledgling brand and why we all need to realise that pensions are COOL! With 22,000 customers and rising it sounds like many of us agree with Romi!

In today’s show you’re going to learn about how you can nurture and educate those early adopters in your brand, use PR tactics to build real authority in your startup as a thought leader on a mission to disrupt an industry and why today’s financial consumers are looking for so much more than just a dry transaction.

Find out more about PensionBee here on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Alistair Clay

Alistair is a former national journalist with 20 years’ experience working in the media and PR. He is the founder of UK healthcare agency Arc Seven Communications and a registered member of the PRCA.