TFB 051: How an architect uses virtual reality to sell a vision

With Oliver Lowrie, co-founder of Ackroyd Lowrie.

Oliver Lowrie is one of London’s most exciting young architects and I’m thrilled to have him on the show today.

Oliver, and his firm, have a vision to create ‘remarkable places’ for their clients and they are pioneering the use of virtual reality in the design process.

On today’s show Oliver shares why they have gone down the VR route and how it has given them a competitive advantage.

He also describes how they have built a thought leadership strategy based on the creation of white papers and industry expertise.

Oliver knows that if he wants to get ahead and stay ahead, in the competitive world of architecture he needs to communicate in an innovative manner, day in day out.

Virtual reality and thought leadership are at the heart of that approach – oh and the odd party!

Enjoy this chat with Oliver, you’re going to learn a heap about designing and building your reputation.

About Gemma Clay

Gemma is founder of Class:PR which teaches small businesses and startups around the world how to get major media coverage. In 2010 she founded of one the UK’s leading healthcare PR agencies, Arc Seven Communications.

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