TFB 041: How a beard business grew and grew and grew!

With Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand.

On today’s show we’ve got the awesome Eric Bandholz, founder and chief beardsman at Beardbrand.

Beardbrand has grown from a $30 startup to a seven-figure business selling beard oils, waxes and grooming products to men all over the world.

In today’s show Eric tells us how he built this incredible brand and became so much more than just an online seller of products.

At its heart Beardbrand is about self-improvement and growth (no pun intended).

What makes Eric’s journey so fascinating is he started out with a beard blog, building an online community of beardsmen and sharing awesome content, a good while before he ever thought about products.

Gathering this army of fans meant Eric became THE man to go to for beards and his ‘how to’ videos built trust amongst this community.

This was just the start of what has become one of the world’s leading beard grooming businesses.

Listen up and find out how Eric’s passion product become a hair-raising success story!


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