TFB 030: How a sleep tech business succeeded

With Dr Wei-Shin Lai Co-founder of Acoustic Sheep.

Our guest today is Dr Wei-Shin Lai from Acoustic Sheep – the world’s first headphones designed specifically to be worn when you sleep and give you a good night’s rest.

As a family doctor, Wei-Shin would often receive phone calls from patients in the middle of the night and then struggle to get back to sleep.

She tried listening to music but the headphones were so uncomfortable…she invented this ingenious pair that comfortably wrap-around your head and are perfect for sleeping. Brilliant idea!

Today we chat with Wei-Shin about how she secured huge PR success over the past 10 years and even though she has used PR agencies she’s a big advocate of doing it yourself, as a founder.

There are three words that you need to remember today – Why, How and What. In that order. And as Dr Wei-Shin Lai explains this is how you need to present your business or brand to get engagement.

She talks about the ‘why’ being the soul of the brand. The story, the emotional connection and you always need to lead with that.

And Dr Wei-Shin Lai has a great story.

A story about fixing your sleep!

About Alistair Clay

Alistair is a former national journalist with 20 years’ experience working in the media and PR. He is the founder of UK healthcare agency Arc Seven Communications and a registered member of the PRCA.