12 BEST Social Media Management Tools [2022]

Every public relations campaign can benefit from using the best social media management tools.

Smart social media management tools allow you to target very specific audiences with highly focused messages alongside your more traditional media relations work.

Together these can be a powerful marketing communications force for your business with mainstream press coverage feeding your social media outputs and vice versa.

To do this well you need to use one of the best social media management tools.

Each tool will help you plan, schedule and publish social media content at the right time so that it reinforces your wider public relations and marketing efforts. 

Here’s our list of the best social media management tools – including our favourite feature about each one and their price points.

Let’s start with our favourite…

The 12 Best Social Media Management Tools

1. Planable.io


If your social media strategy requires collaboration from multiple team members, Planable is designed to streamline that process.

Just like many of their competitors, the platform allows you to centralise your content management from a variety of social feeds and plan your content marketing on social. 

One of the most useful things about Planable is the ability to view your social posts as if they were live in the social feeds themselves.

This is useful if you want to create posts across a variety of different feeds and need to customise them for each one. You can drag and drop media files into your posts. It allows you to schedule them and create a visual calendar to see your campaigns with clarity. 

Teams can smoothly go back and forth with feedback for each post. This means tweaks and changes can be made quickly and without fuss.

For managers, it’s easy to see when changes have been implemented. You can work together in real-time on the same piece of content. 

Favourite Feature 

The value of being able to see your posts as they would look in the feed can’t be diminished.

This feature enables you to ensure your visual content is first class by adding in emojis, gifs etc. to add humour and levity to your brand’s social media. Personality = engagement.


    • Basic $13/user/month
    • Pro $26/user/month

Head over to Planable for your free trial.

2. Social Pilot

best social media management tool

The Social Pilot suite has won plenty of fans with its clear and easy-to-use design and competitive pricing.

You can do all the essential tasks, including integrating social accounts. It allows bulk scheduling, content curation and brand management from the platform.

But they offer even more functionality.

Their calendar feature is a particular goldmine. Users can go in and use filters to find the posts they need.

If you want to repeat posts, you can simply drag and drop them in the calendar.  Rescheduling content is a breeze. They also have an excellent reporting system that alerts you to any problems in your feeds immediately.

Customers talk positively about the onboarding session given to all new users. This means every member of your team working in Social Pilot knows what they are doing.

As they continue to make the software more intuitive and work towards getting integration with Instagram, Social Pilot’s offer can only get more enticing.

Favourite feature

Social Pilot’s calendar feature is a crowd-pleaser, but we also like the smart reporting and analytics they offer.

It’s straightforward to see how different accounts are performing and where to spend extra time working on customer engagement. You can also monitor your reach.


  • Professional $27/month
  • Studio $58/month
  • Agency $116/month

Head over to Social Pilot to start your free trial.

3. ContentCal


ContentCal is an excellent social media management tool for managing your online workflow.

It is now used by 42,000 businesses in 140 countries, who rave about how easy it makes their content planning and production.

ContentCal helps you produce content, create a plan and publish to multiple social media platforms in just a few clicks.

There’s a content hub which helps you store ideas and then share them with your team.

The approval workflows mean that multiple colleagues and clients can get involved in the sign-off process. Team members can add comments and make changes to the content.

I particularly love the category tags that colour code content and help make reporting a breeze. Plus the easy to use analytics help you understand what content is working and why.

If that’s not enough then planning your online activity doesn’t need to stop at social media.

ContentCal is fully compatible with more than 2000 apps, so it also offers innovative software for planning across all online content and events such as webinars, blogs and press releases.

Favourite Feature
Say goodbye to missed messages and lost comments. ContentCal offers a clever Respond feature that allows you to keep track of comments and messages across all platforms from one integrated inbox.
  • Pro $17 per month
  • Company $47 per month
For Premium and Enterprise plans head to ContentCal to get your personalised quote.

4. SEMrush

best social media management tools paid

We all know that SEMrush is a stellar platform for auditing your SEO efforts.

As well as monitoring the performance of your content, and researching the right keywords to use, you can also post and manage your social media accounts in the SEMrush interface too.

In their Social Media Toolkit you can schedule posts, edit images and import from CSV files.

You can even create posts whilst surfing the web.

They provide in-depth audience analytics tracking age, country and online presence, and the types of content that work for them.

As part of a cohesive digital marketing and PR plan, SEMrush has everything you need to really drill deep into the data and increase your visibility and results.

Favourite Feature

The competitor analysis tools in SEMrush are incredibly useful. You can find out which keywords they are using and the digital marketing strategies that work for them (and what doesn’t).

Plus it allows you to monitor your performance against theirs. By identifying new competitors,  you can keep a comprehensive view of the marketplace and react quickly to the changing landscape. 


  • Pro $119.95/month
  • Guru $229.95/month
  • Business $449.95/month

5. Plann


Need one beautifully simple place to plan your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn?
Plann is your all-in-one auto-scheduler, social strategist, designer and content calendar. Plann supports auto posting for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram Grid posts.
Favourite Feature

To guarantee your entire success on social media, plan has a Visual Calendar which is a beautifully simple space to solidify your plans for the week. Socials, emails, blog posts – everything and also it has a Strategic Tools that can Easy to learn strategic features to take you from a beginner to talking social strategy within days.


  • Free for $0 1 Team member
  • Manage 1 brand
  • Power user $9/monthly/1 Team member
  • Manage 1 brand
  • Build $19/monthly/2 Team members
  • Manage 2 brands
  • Grow $59/monthly/4 Team members
  • Manage 5 brands
  • Play Big $129/monthly/8 Team members
  • Manage 10 brands

6. Commun.it

Commun.It social media management tool

If your target market is Twitter-focussed, Commun.it is hard to beat.

Although you can post to other social media sites from the platform, this is a deliberately Twitter-specific tool, which is handy if that’s where you are concentrating your digital marketing efforts.

The simple things are all covered – all your conversations are grouped in one place and you can easily share curated comments and tweets.

You can get to know your followers and establish the high-value and influential people in your community.

However, Commun.it goes a stage further than simply identifying the best time to post, it offers recommendations for the next steps to take for better engagement. 

Commun.it has robust reporting from the platform, and it also helps you to unearth inauthentic followers, so you can cleanse your following of bots, etc.

We all know that your time spent on Twitter is more valuable to your public relations if you are nurturing genuine leads and connecting with a real community. So Commun.it is one of the best social media marketing tools to help you achieve the objectives of your digital marketing.

Favourite Feature

We love the Daily Marketing Pill, Commun.it’s action list for your account.

On your list are things like ‘Follow 15 new people’ and ‘Retweet 5 posts’ and suggestions on how to achieve those things. It’s a brilliant feature that cuts downtime but brings maximum results.


  • Pro $19.99/month
  • Business $24.99/month

7. Social Searcher

Social Searcher social media management tool

Protecting your brand’s reputation and responding to positive and negative feedback quickly is vital.

Social Searcher makes it incredibly easy to do just that.

This software acts as a search engine specifically for social media. You can find out who is posting about your brand and what they are saying in real-time.

What’s great about the platform is that you get a lot of the functionality for free.

But if you are building a brand Social Searcher has a premium service that allows you to access more advanced analytics, save searches and set up email alerts.

You can monitor all your mentions when they happen. 

If you need to produce reports for key stakeholders and senior management, the reports in Social Searcher can be exported and provide clarity on brand reputation and performance.

Using the analytics, you can tailor digital marketing strategy and monitor your progress, helping you learn and move forward positively.

Favourite Feature

The primary function of Social Searcher is its best feature – tracking conversations about your brand across multiple social channels and the web too, is invaluable.

By collecting all that data together, it allows you to understand your current position and build new marketing and PR strategies using the insights.


  • Basic $3.49/month
  • Standard $8.49/month
  • Professional $19.49/month

8. Tailwind

Tailwind best social media monitoring tool

If your digital marketing strategy revolves around visual content, Tailwind is the perfect tool for you.

Designed exclusively for Instagram and Pinterest, you can create, clone and schedule multiple pins or posts quickly and easily.

Like all the best social media marketing tools, Tailwind offers scheduling intelligence, suggestions for content, the ability to repost high-performing content and good analytics reporting.

You’ll find that posting directly to Instagram is a challenge for some of the other social media marketing tools due to API restrictions, but Tailwind is a verified partner.

Another cool feature they have is the ability to crop images within the platform so that you won’t be tripped up by size restrictions imposed by Instagram or Pinterest.

As far as curated content goes, you can easily create new pins from any website as Tailwind has a browser extension that enables this kind of post design.

You can also build a personalised visual content feed from multiple sites, which saves you trawling the web yourself.

Favourite Feature

Tailwind Tribes is a great feature which allows you to connect with others in your niche and offer reciprocal help.

The idea is that your respective audiences will be receptive to each other’s content.

You can share pins and posts and collaborate from a place of genuine mutual interest and respect. Tailwind monitors these partnerships, and the rules are clear to ensure it works as it should.

So, if you want to harness the power of influencer marketing and collaborate with like-minded users, this is extremely useful. 


  • Plus $9.99/month
  • Professional $799/month

9. SocialOomph

social media marketing tools

Social Oomph prides itself on being one of the first companies in the social media management space.

The interface makes it simple to link your social channels, schedule content and keep a steady stream of posts appearing across all your feeds.

The RSS feeds functionality helps you create automatic posts that will be directly relevant to your target audience.

For posts you create, you can choose to craft them in the platform, or create a bulk schedule of posts on your computer and easily upload them into SocialOomph. 

If you are working in teams, you can tag your posts, so it’s easy to find the content you need by filtering, and you can group things together.

Add associates to your account and give them the correct privileges to complete their work, plus apply a ‘post-approval’ configuration if you need to get content signed off.

Favourite feature

Social Oomph’s ‘self-destructing post’ functionality and ‘post-flood’ control are great features.

The ‘self-destructing posts’ ensure that content that goes out of date is deleted, so it won’t get accidentally reposted and confuse your followers. The ‘post-flood’ control limits the amount you post, so you don’t get spammy.


  • Advanced Suite $15/month
  • Professional Suite $25/month
  • Business Suite $55/month

10. Hootsuite

Hootsuite social media management tool

Hootsuite has earned its reputation as one of the best social media marketing tools by making it simple to manage multiple profiles from one dashboard.

Their free subscription allows you to connect three social profiles on the platform.

This means free PR opportunities for businesses who may only need to work across a small number of accounts.

On their publisher, you can compose posts and schedule them then release them across multiple social channels from one place.

For content curators, the free ‘Hootlet’ Chrome extension is handy for sharing any pieces relevant to your audience on your pages fast. 

There’s also RSS integration. If junior members of your team are writing posts and you want to check them before they go out, Hootsuite has an approval process you can utilise too.

In terms of reporting, Hootsuite has decent account analytics, and there’s even a basic report thrown in with the free subscription.

If you pay for Pro, Team or Business subscriptions, you get enhanced analytics reporting, multiple team members and the ability to connect to more profiles and access to some premium apps, which give you greater functionality in the platform. 

Favourite Feature

We rate the Hootsuite Academy, where you can find a range of social media training to help ensure you take full advantage of all the features of the platform.

After you’ve trained on the free courses, there are paid courses to try that enable social media professionals to gain more qualifications that demonstrate their ability to potential employers.


  • Professional $39/month
  • Team $99/month
  • Business $569/month

11. Buffer Social Media Management Tools

Buffer for social media

Alongside Hootsuite, Buffer is considered to be a giant in the social media marketing space.

It has carved out a reputation for providing much-needed clarity and convenience to users.

Buffer allows you to manage all your social accounts from their interface. You can create, schedule and repurpose posts, and also assign different permissions to team members.

For Instagram marketing, it’s got a great feature that allows you to post directly to your page and provide the first comment too.

The first comment is used by smart social marketers to add another raft of hashtags. Or provide a link to external content without Instagram punishing you for directing people off their platform.

Buffer is fantastic for app integration.

If you use other intelligent software like Zapier, Feedly, IFFT, Pocket or any other apps, there’s a good chance it’ll be compatible.

Buffer has split its offer into three different sections – Publish, Reply and Analyze.

If you are prepared to spend the money, Reply is an excellent solution for keeping up with conversations across your social media in one place.

Analyze offers a level of reporting you won’t get with the cheaper subscriptions. However, to utilize everything Buffer has to offer, expect to pay for it.

Favourite Feature

Buffer’s Pablo tool helps you to create the visuals to go with your posts, so they’ll stand out.

You can customise the size, find stock images in their library, add your own text and filters to the image and post the images directly into your Buffer post creator. That’s time-saving gold for busy social media teams.


  • Essentials – $5/month/per channel
  • Team $10/month/per channel
  • Agency $100/month for 10 channels

12. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar best social media management tools

Your social media feeds will be full of content, no matter how little you create yourself – if you use Meet Edgar.

This intuitive platform offers a variety of different approaches to content creation.

You can create and schedule a post for one-time-only use or Meet Edgar will continue to post evergreen content. With just a few small tweaks, you can repost content at appropriate intervals until you decide it’s no longer relevant.

With RSS feed and content curation tools, you can set Meet Edgar up and then watch as a mix of content is sent out on your feeds.

Then, another great feature is its content mix calendar.

The platform groups posts into different content categories and makes sure that you have variety in your feed to keep your audience engaged and informed.

The combination of consistency and variety will help your brand stand out and can support the objectives of any public relations campaign you are running.

In terms of the reporting features, you get pretty good analytics from Meet Edgar. So you can see which posts are resonating with your audience.

You can also split test posts to find out what works best. This is an excellent feature for digital marketing teams trying to figure out how to make an impact.

At the moment, Meet Edgar supports feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, so if your target market is on those platforms, its a good option for you. Oh, and don’t forget to create a winning LinkedIn headline.

Favourite Feature

Meet Edgar has a smart composer which saves you precious time when creating content.

By using ‘natural language processing’, the software writes social posts in your voice and gives you variations of the same post, so you can choose which one works best for you. 


  • Eddie plan $29.99/month
  • Edgar monthly plan $49.99/month

Which of these social media management tools will you choose?

There you have it.

The 11 best social media management tools on the market right now for those of us who work in public relations jobs.

As I said right at the top, don’t choose the most popular one, choose the one with the best functionality for your public relations campaign.

If you need some creative ideas for your PR campaign try using one of our proven public relations examples and watch your engagement skyrocket.

And if you’re ready to take your PR work to the next level grab our PR Starter Kit.

Our must-have kit has every template, script, strategy and guide you’ll ever need to do PR – all in one place.

Good luck!


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