15 Best Press Release Distribution Services [2022 Update]

Do you want to get your press release distributed quickly and easily?

Great, this article will help find the best press release distribution services for your business.

Our 20+ years of PR experience have taught us a lot.

So we want to start with a slight disclaimer:

Press release distribution services can be an invaluable tool to help you pitch your press release – but they work best when you know how to write a press release and use the right press release template.

With that said, here’s our rundown of the top 15 press release distribution companies.

These are widely regarded as some of the best in the world.

Each has a slightly different offer but you can be sure one will be the right fit for your business – whatever your public relations goals or PR plan.

With that, let’s get into it.

1. EIN Presswire press release distribution

EIN Presswire press release distribution

Entry option: $99.95

EIN Presswire combines a press release distribution service with media monitoring and RSS feeds that are used worldwide by journalists.

What makes these guys one of our favourites is that they are both a destination (EIN Newsdesk) and a distributor (EIN Presswire).

In one place you can distribute your stories to your target audience and monitor news on topics relevant to you. Very neat.

Follow your company, industry, even your competition, and place your stories and comment into the live world of news cycles for maximum impact. A breaking news dream.

If you need to be convinced then try their starter package with one press release for only $99.95.

For this price you get a number of the usual Pro features including: one embedded image, one embedded quote, one embedded video, one embedded stock ticker and press release scheduling.

The team are super helpful and really know their stuff – highly recommend.


2. Linking News press release distribution

Linking News Press Release Distribution

Entry option: $159

Linking News is one of the best online press release distribution services and has access to more than 10,000 news and media sites around the globe.

Your press release will be guaranteed to be published on many top tier news and media sites, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and many more notable names, with their white label press release distribution solutions.

Linking News is a platform whose services are used by thousands of startups, businesses, digital marketing & PR agencies. If you want an easy to use and fast solution this is a winner.


3. Newswire press release distribution

Newswire distribution service

Entry option: $349

Newswire is rated #1 by customers and peers for its outstanding customer satisfaction and excellent coverage throughout its comprehensive network.

Its partnerships provide the same distribution from other ‘well-known’ platforms but at better pricing.

Newswire has AP, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and many major media outlets as part of their network.

In addition, businesses of all sizes can opt for additional programs like the Earned Media Advantage Guide Tour for earned media opportunities in 2022. Choose from a variety of Guided Tours to meet your specific business goals.

If you want the #1 rated platform, Newswire is well worth checking out. They have the scale of reach you’re after but with a bespoke approach for your business.


4. E-releases press release distribution

PR distribution eReleases

Entry option: $299

Guaranteed postings on 75 media sites and a press release sent out to one targeted industry list. Write a press release of up to 400 words. eReleases provides wire distribution via the Associated Press in the US reaching 30,000 journalists.

Through eReleases, your press releases are also permanently stored in PR Newswire for Journalists. 

Good for businesses who want to know that their press release WILL get some exposure – that is not always the case, even with the best press release distribution services.


5. NewswireJet press release distribution

NewswireJet press release distribution agency

Entry option: $59

NewswireJet are new on our radar but are getting some rave reviews from fans so we had to add to our list.

Their entry-level product, ‘News Power’ is a bargain at just $59 and guarantees you 250 placements, including all the big names – Google News, Yahoo and Bing with a full PDF report of all placements.

But if you want something a bit more bespoke and all-inclusive then their ‘Buzz Maker Plus’ package is probably your best bet.

This gives you 400 + guaranteed placements and a done-for-you press release package, with professional PR writing, included – all for just $149.


6. 24-7 Press Release

press release distribution service 24-7

Entry option: $49

For the starter package, your news release (on a two-day turnaround) can appear on search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo and will be sent to 50+ premium news sites.

You get to include your news in up to five industry categories and attach up to four images or documents. You’ll also be able to access statistics to measure your campaign.

A great option for small businesses, mainly because you can start with this really cheap approach.

If you have success they have another four different price points, stepping up to the premium option linking in with PR Newswire. Their pricing is super transparent and easy to use – it’s almost free PR.


7. PR Web

PRWeb distribution

Entry option: $99

Excellent for low-cost online reach – you can select the sectors you want to target. Increase release visibility in relevant search results across major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. – by permanently hosting your press release on PRWeb.com.

PR Web has the largest website distribution with press releases being sent to over 30,000 bloggers and journalists.

A great price point for small businesses who want to take a low-risk approach to PR online.


8. PR Newswire

PR Newswire best press release service

Entry option: $299

Main features and benefits: They are the most known press release distribution service.  From a journalist’s perspective – they are the establishment. They have more than 4,000 websites, nearly 3,000 media outlets, and more than 550 news content systems.

The network also includes more than 39,000 PR Newswire for Journalist members at more than 9,000 media organizations. This is the Rolls Royce option.

A good fit for medium-sized businesses who want to get some serious media reach. Note: there is an annual membership for the service. If you want the best you’ve got to pay top dollar.


9. RealWire press release distribution

press releases RealWire

Entry option: $190

RealWire gives you unlimited words on your press release (and boilerplate) – although don’t forget more words doesn’t mean you have a better story! They have a huge list of industry and geographical categories and will target your release to all relevant areas.

Each press release distribution includes a provision of up to three images and up to three documents all with relevant links. Their distribution is through M2 PressWIRE. They also offer to index by Google News and other aggregators and search engines.

Ideal for small businesses – especially in the UK – who want to try PR distribution out for the first time and know how to get a story on the local news.


10. Vuelio

Vuelio small business marketing

Entry option: Price withheld

Sends your release to more than 3,500 of the most-visited news websites, online services, and news aggregators. You’ll also receive follow-up reports on the performance of your press release.

You can distribute your press release across all major wire services in the UK and Ireland—ensuring your story reaches news desks across traditional and new media platforms.

Really only suitable for bigger companies and corporates. Their clients are huge names.


11. Presswire press release distribution

Presswire release services

Entry option: $250

Presswire claims to send your press release directly to the journalists most likely to write about them. 

They do this by tailor-making bespoke lists for each individual release from their live Media Contacts Database of more than half a million editorial opportunities, across Regional and National Newspapers, Magazines (Trade and Consumer), TV, Radio and Online.

Press releases can be sent through their website by registered Presswire users, or directly if you email them in. They can be sent as pure text or HTML, complete with images and embedded video at no extra cost.

Good for small businesses who want to spend a bit more to guarantee their press releases are actually going to help a reporter out. They also test send each release to ensure it always reaches the recipients’ Inbox folders, avoiding overzealous spam/junk filters.


12. ReleaseWire press release distribution

press release ReleaseWire

Entry option: $49

This rock bottom price includes syndication to 350+ media sites. Distribution to Associated Press journalists/editors and submission to major search engines and news search engines. You can also add multimedia including photos, videos, and audio.

This is perfect for startups on tight budgets who want to dip their toe in the water with a first press release but still know that they are hitting all the most important media aggregators.


13. PRGloo press release distribution

PRGloo pr company

Entry option: Price withheld

This is a slightly different approach to press release distribution. Rather than a pure PR distribution service, PRGloo is a complete media relations platform combining easy to use tools with analysis.

That means they have relationship management software (never lose a media contact again), systems for creating content, distributing your news stories and reporting on their success.

If you’re a business owner who is really looking for a one-stop-shop to take control of your entire PR process then PRGloo could be for you. But if you just want press release distribution service this will be overkill.


14. PR Underground press release distribution


Entry option: $49

The starter option gives you one release that will be sent to Google News and published on 80 major websites including the likes of FOX/CBS/ABC/NBC.

The initial price also includes social media distribution and a post on DigitalJournal.com. The team will optimize each release for SEO too.

A great option for small businesses on a budget but be careful that you actually provide the team with a decent story. Like all of these press release distribution services – you will only get major pick up if you have a decent news story.


15. Pressat press release distribution

press release distribution service 24-7

Entry option: $140

These guys are big on targeting and know that there’s no point in spamming journalists who aren’t relevant to your story.

Pressat uses tried and tested methods to precisely target media contacts based on beat, geographic region, industry and journalist back-history (previously covered stories).

They also serve more than 33,000 opt-in subscribers with customized news alerts, ranging from journalists and editors right through to analysts and bloggers. All press releases are syndicated to Bing News, DowJones, NewsNow, Thomson Reuters and major news agencies worldwide.

This is a great choice for any business that has put in the time to develop a serious public relations campaign with tailored messages and audience profiles. 


Which press release distribution service will you choose?

So there you have it.

The 15 best press release distribution companies in 2022.

As you can see they all offer similar types of service at comparable price points. A lot will be down to the personal relationship you have with each company and your account manager.

My advice is to try a few single press release distribution products, and compare the quality for yourself. 

You may find some are better at B2B and trade media, while others outperform on the consumer and the mainstream media front. 

And when you’re buying these services try not to be wowed by salespeople telling you how they will GUARANTEE your business 1000s of pieces of coverage.

Yes, they have massive reach, but ultimately the success, or not, of using a press release distribution service all boils down to the strength of the story you are providing to them.

And don’t forget many of these firms also operate the best media monitoring services.

Now try using one of our 46 public relations examples and get inspired to write your own killer press release.

And if you’re ready to take your PR work to the next level grab our PR Starter Kit.

Our must-have kit has every template, script, strategy and guide you’ll ever need to do PR – all in one place.

Good luck!


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